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Hey lovelies

Since it appears we've been having a lag in posts, I thought I'd show off some Tokidoki shoes I recently got. Is anyone else into the brand? It's a Japanese themed line designed by this amazing artist named Simone Legno . I've been crazy about it for a year now and recently it's started to blow up.

The line started mainly with handbags (though they do everything from backpacks to duffle bags). The then moved onto producing incredibly cute clothing . They now do everything from jewlery to toys to ipod skins !

They also make the cutest shoes ever!Collapse )

First Post - Mod Post.

I thought I'd start this community off with a post from your friendly mod (hollycore), although at this moment in time I am the only one aware of this certain community. If you have just stumbled upon whatiseefit, when welcome, join up and I'm sure it will be buzzing soon. Spread the word, that there's a new fashion community in town, and it's open to anyone with an original sense of style. Since this is the first post, I thought I'd say what you should do when posting.

1 - Pick out a nice picture of yourself/your clothes, and you can even take a happy smiling picture of your face if you wish, it's up to you. I'd like the page to be kept at this size, so please keep them about 500px wide at the most. There may be an alternation in the size of the page, when the new banner is made. I did this layout at about 4 AM, so it's a bit non-permanent at the moment.

2 - Say a little about yourself if you like, but not so much that it take up the whole space. Your age, musical interests, other interests, and anything else you think we might want to know.

3 - Try to use language that we can understand. E.G. Not "omg u gadda c dis noo outfid i got. it da bom". If you speak like that, I'll ban you. :) I'm just trying to make the world a nicer place.

4 - Have fun, and remember to post the post as a friends only post. Post.

5 - Be inventive, and be nice.

Themz the rules, deal with it.
Any questions/suggestions/ideas for the community can be posted here. And I promise I will read them all.



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