What I See Fit

i wear what i see fit

I wear what I see fit - and I want to show you all
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You can put this in your userinfo/post to your own journal if you like, to give this community a bit of exposure. Using this code to post it:
<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/whatiseefit/"><img src="http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/1706/promosg4.png"></a>

This community is for those people in the world who dress as they like. It's not dissimilar to whatiworetoday, but in this specific community, you can basically show off your random/punk/goth/ska kid/skater/geek/whatever you see fit (hence the name? Clever huh?) outfits, as long as you put a little bit of effort into them. We want to see the alternative to fashion, although we're not opposed to the odd regular 'mainstream fashion' post, as long as it's interesting and fun. The most important thing about this community is that if you think you look good, post your outfit and see if anyone else thinks the same.

Before joining, please read THIS POST
Also any questions/suggestions/ideas for the community can be posted there. I will not accept journals that have clearly only just been made. It's better for the community if you've been active on Livejournal for a while, and also help distinguish between people who want to cause drama, and those who want to seriously contribute to the community.

The things you should probably do to make everything nice.

- If you are going to post, put a picture of yourself in the lovely imaginative outfit. We want to see it all, so a full length shot would be good. If you want to take more pictures, then feel free, but stick them under a lj cut, which is this thing:

<lj-cut> this is where everything hidden goes </lj-cut>

- Of course anyone can join, as long as they are nice, and not just here to insult people.

- If you're commenting and you want to say something negative about an outfit, then at least explain yourself. signmeup said in whatiworetoday, "...is there anything in our LJ info that warns people about how mean we are? there maybe should be. we're brutal. i love it.". This community IS NOT LIKE THIS. We will not tolerate "No No NO NO OMG UGLY OUTFIT". Most definitely not. This is a nice community where freedom of expression is key.

- I'd ask that you don't delete comments, but there's nothing I can actually do about it if you do. I'll try to keep a track of the community, and will most likely post on a fair few people's posts.

- It doesn't matter what you look like. I don't care if you have the fattest thighs, biggest nose, ugly feet, whatever. I want to see your style. If anyone dare insult the way the posters body or face looks, they'll be right out of here. I won't tolerate bullies. That's a warning.

- If you don't feel like posting your whole outfit, you can just post a picture of your hair, nails or any part of you that you feel looks good. Free and easy, and you can hide behind close ups of your eye make up if you like, as long as the thing we are being shown is interesting.

I like you. I hope that this community takes off like I wish it to. Hope to see you all soon.

Your never judgemental mod, hollycore.

(P.S. If this community gets any bigger, I will be advertising for some mods, about three or four I reckon. Different tastes in clothes in the spirit of the community and all that jazz.)

daily_clothes is a pretty awesome community. It's a self proclaimed 'slice of life' community, so you can post any outfit you like.
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